Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Robots and Pleasure: Hans Soder

 This Robot sought his pleasure at an amusement park, snagging a new balloon and two scoops.
This Robot likes to skateboard. 
And this one...well....

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Assignment 4: Robot seeking pleasure

We took a bit of time off, but finally we're back!

Here is a robot seeking pleasure, and where would one go? Perhaps the car wash to get clean?

This guy was inspired by all the eclectic robotic things that I've like in over the years from Voltron, Gundam, and even MegaMan (probably more mega man than I thought). But the character has oversized hands that carry down to his feet and also organic things that are embedded in him like teeth from an oversized animal. He is also equipped with a huge sword, but enjoys going to the car wash to get shined up!

In semi black and white (blue pencil)

With some quick (really quick) color

~ Mr. Toad